Sunday, January 5, 2014

UFO's in Schenectady, New York; The "Orb Event" of December 2013

I have always had a special curiosity for anything UFO related in Schenectady, NY due to it's history with Thomas Edison and General Electric.

Cheryl Costa reports that MUFON Case 45622 is granting legitimacy to the multiple reports of the orb-like UFO sightings in Rotterdam, Schenectady, and Duanesburg, NY.

Although Schenectady UFO Orbs are rumored to have been captured on film by amateurs more recently, we at UFOVideoNews have received direct reports of UFO's over Schenectady since as early as 1990.

Joshua Doolittle, of Jackson Hole, a Schenectadian and UFO expert, outlined his Schenectady UFO Orb experience recently in his article in Planet Jackson Hole magazine:  "The ET Equation"

"There is no greater “drug free” reality shift then experiencing your first UFO sighting.  Mine was back in 2003.  A reassuring voice was sensed inside my head that calmly said “go outside, go outside” and so I did.  It was in the evening an hour or so after dinner in the burbs of upstate NY.  Not a star was visible due to a low, thick blanket of clouds that glowed slightly orange due to the light pollution of nearby downtown Schenectady."
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