Monday, June 30, 2008

New theoryon 100th the anniversary of the mysterious Tanguska event

Exactly 100 years ago tonight, a tremendous explosion leveled a huge forest and lit up the sky over half the world. The cause has never been proven.

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100 years ago tonight a tremendous explosion leveled a huge forest and lit up the sky over half the world and the cause has never been proven. >> for a century it's been one of science's most astounding mysteries but this summer there's hope of getting an answer. john hollenhorst joins us with details >> carole the so-called tunguska event over siberia has baffled scientists for exactly 100 years. the wildest theer si that an alien space craft exploded. some scientists see increasing oefd that a huge object from space flew up in blew up in mid air >> you've seen it in movies like deep impact, asteroids or comets fire bawling into earth's atmosphere call causing untold destruction. did something like that actually happen within the lifetime of people still alive today? 100 years ago in this remote part of siberia? a few miles high, something exploded with the force of hundreds of an to the i can bombs. fortunately it was it was above a remote forest, not a city, according to utah's space buff, patrick wiggins >> it would have been absolute absolutely came taf trove catastrophe. as far as we know no humans were killed but it sure did knock down a big forest >> as outlined in the latest issue of scientific american the explosion was witnessed by only a few siberians but it lit up the sky as far away as london. the blast blewn almost 800 square miles of trees, but the mystery is, why did it leave no cratecrater? wild theories still abowed 100 years later. >> that it was a space ship, you know, from some other place or time or whatever, the that time travelled to where we are, had a problem with its reactor and exploded high in the sky. i love the story, but you know, i don't think so >> now a possible new explanation revolves around a small lake. some scientists believe it is a cratecrater. it's not at ground zero, it's a few miles away, but a team of italian scientists say their studies strongly suggest the lake formed just 100 years ago. they suspect a stoney asteroid exploded in mid air because of high pressure air resistance, and a boulder flew out at a slightly skewed angle. the space rock blasted out a crate crater, later it filled in with water and sediments that disguise its shape today. their seismic studies s a possible rock is buried under the lake. so this summer the italians are going back hoping to recover a chunk of rock and settle one of the best-loved mysteries of science >> you know i have two sides there's the brain and then there's the heart. and the heart loves a mystery but the brain likes things solved >> other scientists are skeptical, they say the lake simply isn't the right shape, and there's little little evidence on the ground of the heat and pressure you'd expect from an asteroid strike. so unless the italians do find an actual space rock the mystery may continue.Transcript:

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